.eu launches .ευ

EURid, the .eu registry, is launching the .ευ extension. Nowadays everyone knows the .eu extension, the extension that shows your European roots. Within the European Union, we don’t only have different languages, we also have different writings. After the .eu launch, the Cyrillic writing .ею followed. Soon however, also the Greek .ευ will follow.EURid is planning the launch of .ευ on 14 November 2019. From then on, every European citizen or company can register a .ευ. Just as with the Cyrillic .ею which only accepts registrations in Cyrillic, only domains in Greek writing will be accepted for the .ευ extension. So you can’t exchange bnamed.eu to bnamed.ευ, this would become βΝαϻεδ.ευ.

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This post was written by Vanessa De Loose on June 19, 2019

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