Irish registry eases registration policy

On March 21st 2018 the Irish registry will ease its registration policy. From that day onwards, it will be easier to register a .ie domain name.

If you previously wanted to register a .ie domain name, you had to be able to prove a connection with the domain name itself, for example the name had to be your company name or needed to be based upon your registered trademark, and you had to prove an economic link with Ireland. This first condition is no longer required from 21 March 2018. From then on, a connection with the domain name itself no longer has to be demonstrated.

However, a link with Ireland still needs to be demonstrated. This can be done in the form of an invoice to an Irish customer, although it can also be simplified, for example, by showing your intention to trade with Ireland or providing an Irish address.

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This post was written by lieve on March 15, 2018

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