New TLD nobody talked about: .post

Traditional British PostboxEarlier this week a new TLD was launched, but it seems hardly anybody noticed. The “Universal Postal Union” had requested the TLD “.post” in 2003. It took about 6 years to get approved and another 3 years before it now actually (sort of) launched.

It only “sort of” launched since we have been unable to find any working domain names under .post. So all that actually happened is that .post is now active in the rootservers, we’re still waiting for it to get actively used. However, don’t get your hopes up about registering your own .post domain names yet. Rules are very restrictive: you have to be member of the “Universal Postal Union”. That’s most often only one company per Country, like bPost for Belgium, PostNL for the Netherlands or the Royal Mail for the UK. Even the big commercial players like UPS, FedEx, TNT etc. won’t be able to register their .post domain name.

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