.wales or .cymru coming up?

According to a study produced by LE Wales in order of Nominet (.co.uk-registry) under Welsh companies 59% of the people who were questioned mean the region needs an own domain name extension. 40% also thinks that this own extension would help them to promote their business within Wales.

The study clearly showed the Welsh community considers an own domain name extension is necessary. What this own extension should be, .wales or .cymru (the Welsh word for Wales), isn’t quite clear yet. .cymru seems to be the preferred extension, although the respondents of the survey also admitted .wales would probably be more attractive since this is better known outside the region.

Moreover the report also took a look at the benefits and costs an own extension would bring along. Between January and April 2012 it will become possible to apply for an own domain name extension. ICANN already gave his permission. However, such application will be expensive. The good news is Nominet (co.uk-registry) already said they would be willing to pay the cost for such application if they would get the permission to manage this new extension.

The study also releaved that a turnover of 2 billion pound could be generated when Welsh companies which currently use a .com or .co.uk domain name would switch to a .wales or .cymru name.

The results of the study were already handed to the Welsh government which promised to take these results into account.

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This post was written by lieve on November 14, 2011


  1. Nominet applies for .wales and .cymru February 24, 2012 12:27 pm

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