Cyrillic extension for Bulgaria probably rejected once more

Most probably ICANN will reject the second application Bulgaria filed for the registration of the Cyrillic extension “.бг” once more.

Bulgaria already filed an application in May 2010 but this was rejected by ICANN. The reason for this rejection was that ICANN thought there existed a confusing similarity between the Cyrillic “.бг” extension and the .br extension, the country code for Brazil.

However Bulgaria wasn’t discouraged and they filed a new application in March 2011. Although ICANN hasn’t yet officially rejected this application, there seems to be a slim chance they’ll give their approval since ICANN still means this extension can be easily confused with the .br extension.

Valeri Borisov, the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Technology, Information and Community says he wants to wait for the definitive response. ‘Even when the application is once more rejected, we’ll keep searching for possibilities to file a new application and get this application approved,’ adds Borisov.

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This post was written by lieve on November 15, 2011

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