1 to 10 year registrations coming for .uk names

Nominet (the .co.uk registry) announced that as of May 1st 2012 it 1 to 10 year registrations will become possible for the .co.uk domain.

At the moment .co.uk names need to be registered per 2 years. However Nominet announced today via a press release that this will change as of May 1st 2012. By offering the possibility to register .co.uk names for 1 to 10 years, the registry offers more flexibility regarding .co.uk registrations. However it is remarkable that, although registrations per year become possible, the annual price of such registration is higher than the price per year of a multi-year registration.

Before Nominet decided to introduce this change, they consulted their registrars and the domain name community asking them whether the registry needed to be more flexible regarding .co.uk registrations and if offering 1 to 10 year registrations would be a possible solution. The survey revealed that such initiative would be greatly appreciated. That’s why Nominet decided they’ll offer this possibility as from May 1st 2012.

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This post was written by lieve on November 10, 2011

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